Thinking Outside the Box

by Elizabeth McLean

This week I received a wonderful gift in the form of a positive review of my book God in the Here and Now (available on Amazon), from renown biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann.  He wrote of my book: I have appreciated reading these suggestive sermons. They are fresh and interesting, connected to both scripture and real […]

“What Is Truth?”

by Elizabeth McLean

“What is truth?” Pilate asks Jesus in the Gospel of John.  Was it a sincere question or a snarky one?  No one really knows. One Christian tradition, which tried to redeem Pilate in the years after the resurrection, argues that it was a sincere inquiry.  But historians, who have found evidence that Pilate was a […]

What Beautiful Eyes You Have!

by Elizabeth McLean

Six months ago when conflicts and violence were on the rise in Europe because of the huge influx of Syrian refugees and other immigrants trying to escape war, Amnesty International conducted an experiment.  Building on the work of psychologist Arthur Aron, who discovered twenty years ago that four minutes of gazing into another person’s eyes […]

“Those Aren’t Your Sandals”

by Elizabeth McLean

When I went to seminary, I was thirty years old. I had spent my twenties working as a lawyer in Ohio, living in a house, acquiring furniture, dear friends and a cat. So when God called me to leave all of that to go back east for three more years of graduate school in order […]

“The Narrow Way”

by Elizabeth McLean
hand of God

Confession time: during my summer vacation this year, which included two Sundays, I did not attend church.  I know some may be shocked that a pastor would skip church. Most pastors I know take the opportunity during their vacations to visit churches other than their own, to enjoy the experience of worshiping without leading, and […]

Giants of the Earth

by Elizabeth McLean

A couple of weeks ago I went with my son to see the new Stephen Spielberg movie, “The BFG,” which is based upon the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl about a big, friendly giant (BFG). The BFG kidnaps a small orphaned girl named Sophie for self-protective reasons; but instead of being afraid of him, […]

“Truth or Consequences”

by Elizabeth McLean

As the world continues to reel from England’s decision to leave the European Union, news agencies are reporting that more and more British citizens are reeling too, including those who voted in favor of “Brexit.”  It seems that many never expected that their nation would actually act on their votes. They wanted to protest something. […]

No More Scapegoating

by Elizabeth McLean

“The world is going to pot and it’s all their fault.  Oh you know who I’m talking about.  You’ve seen what they’ve done to the economy.  You know how they are promoting the wrong values.  Unless and until we do something about them, our future is doomed and it’s only a matter of time before […]

What’s In Your CV?

by Elizabeth McLean
success failure

  Recently, Johannes Haushofer, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University published his CV.   It was not the one that says he has multiple Ph.D.’s from prestigious institutions like the University of Zurich and Harvard, however. It was not the one that listed his nine academic awards, thirty-three published works and pages […]

Love is patient…

by Elizabeth McLean

“Love is patient, love is kind….” Love is having to write your name on 30 3-inch pieces of cardboard? Valentine’s Day is over, which means in my home we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that this year’s school- imposed Valentine’s Day torment is also over. Yes, I confess that I am a Valentine’s […]

The Politics Of Faith

by Elizabeth McLean
chicken and egg

Which came first, your political views or your faith? In the election process to date, notwithstanding the separation of Church and State under our nation’s Constitution, the subject of faith has already been raised repeatedly by multiple political candidates. They like to use the language of faith to court votes, pulling out isolated biblical phrases […]

A New Approach to Advent

by Elizabeth McLean
advent calendar

The season of Advent has begun. In many Christian households, it is a season devoted largely to wishing that it was over. We want the joy of Christmas, not the frustration of waiting or the hassle of preparation. Who likes waiting in our age of instant gratification? So no sooner has Advent begun, than we […]

What’s in a Name?

by Elizabeth McLean

This year in anticipation of Halloween, a joke post was circulating on Facebook about appropriate costumes Christians could wear instead of the usual zombie and demon outfits. Offering selections from a glowering Calvinist to an ultra-hip, goateed youth pastor, the site offered an interesting take on how people perceive Christians. If a person’s Christian faith […]

“Broken” – Sept. 2015

by Elizabeth McLean
wrist 1

This summer while trying to take a picture of some baby birds in their nest, I fell off the stool I was standing on and broke my wrist badly— seven-screws-and-a-metal-plate badly. Since then, in addition to having to learn how to do everything I have to do with only one hand, I have also been […]

“Does Your Faith Pass the 12(b) (6) test?” Aug. 2015

by Elizabeth McLean

Years ago, before God called me to become a minister, I used to practice law. I spent most of my years as a lawyer doing environmental litigation, which means in part that I saw the world through the lens of the Federal Rules of Evidence. According to those rules, when someone files a lawsuit, depending […]