Sermons by Rev. Dorothy Churn LaPenta

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The Church in Crofton

The Resurrection is not dogma, only to be believed. It is to be experienced. Resurrection means entering the worldly life-consciously, intentionally and with expectancy, for faith expects to meet the redeemer in this world. Faith enters the world with hope.

Institutional Fatigue

“All of us have experienced conflict in our institutions be it religion, family, economics, politics, education, workplace. We know how tired it can make us and we blame the rigidity and inflexibility on the institution itself. We think there’s nothing we can do so we might as well avoid the conflict, keep our mouths shut and our heads down and do our thing as much as we can get away with. Let the institution be the institution.

That is NOT what took place in Acts 15. ”

A Hesitant RSVP

But why do we put up social barriers that are based only on religious, ethnic, racial. gender and physical differences? What are we afraid of? What do we need protections from?

What the Next Moment May Bring

For Christians, but even those outside of the Christian faith, the very word “conversion’ often connotes our story from Acts this morning, the conversion of Saul. It’s the paradigmatic conversion story. The stunning “out of his control” reality that confronts Saul on the road to Damascus is a blinding light and a voice that basically asks, “What the heck are you doing, Saul?” and then commands Saul to “Get up and go!” It is an inexplicable “about face.”