All are welcome to join Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church online for our virtual Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service!

The service will include virtual Holy Communion and the ancient rite of Tenebrae, during which the lights are dimmed as the story of Christ’s final days is read.  Regarding Communion, all are invited to participate in their homes, even if you do not have bread and grape juice or wine on hand.  Although bread and wine have deep symbolism in Scripture, ultimately the sacrament is about communing together in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, not about the elements themselves.  Additionally, Jesus picked bread and wine not just because of their symbolism, but also because they were what the people in his day lived on more than anything.  So this is a meal about how God made the ordinary holy in as a means of reminding us daily that God is with us.  Therefore, if all you have is crackers and orange juice, or something else on hand, you can still participate.  If you share and eat your elements with the intention of participating in the Lord’s Supper by communing with God and the larger community, Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church is confident that God has the power to bless your feast, and would want to do so.  Thanks be to God!  Click here to view the online worship service at 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 1, 2021.