America is awash in controversy. Collectively we struggle with social issues that tend to divide not just Americans but even professing Christians, usually along political fracture lines.  Climate change, abortion,  racism, immigration–what is the thoughtful Christian to make of complex and divisive issues such as these?  Where is the faith-based guidance that will help us find our way with a perspective informed by the gospel?

In this 11-week course, taught jointly by Parish Associate Rev. Dottie LaPenta and Elder Mark Weadon, we begin by asking the most fundamental question of all:  What are biblical values? Considering the historical complexity and even downright contradictions within the Bible itself, we seek to identify underlying biblical values that will provide a foundation for discerning God’s will. After an introduction laying out some groundwork, the class will then plunge into four “hot-button” issues in turn. We will spend two weeks on each, examining relevant scriptural passages, historical contexts, and developing  questions for further discussion. We value diversity of viewpoints. Younger participants (middle school and up) are strongly encouraged to attend, as are those from outside Prince of Peace. Classes will meet at 9:15 a.m. in Classroom #3 now through November 24, 2019. Nursery care can be provided for children of those attending the class; please inform the church office ahead of time if you will need child care during the class (410-721-2313).

15 September – Introduction: What are Biblical Values? What Does the Bible Say and Not Say on Key Ethical issues?

22 September –  Introduction (cont.) Justice as a Foundation

29 September – Human-induced Climate Change

6 October – Human-induced Climate Change (cont.)

13 October – Right to Life

20 October – Right to Life (cont.)

27 October – Racism

3 November – Racism (cont.)

10 November – Immigration

17 November – Immigration (cont.)

24 November – Summary: It All Comes Down to Inequality