Invitation to John 11-Week Class

The invitation from Christ is: “Come and see, Follow me.”  In this class on the Gospel of John, we’ll experience the famous “I am” statements, (I am the truth, the life and the way, I am the living water, and more), revisit the stories of Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and Lazarus, and more.  The class will include both lecture and small group discussion, and is open to members and non-members, men and women.  An in-depth knowledge of the Bible or John’s gospel is not required to enjoy and benefit from this class.  We’ll cover two chapters of John a week, and learn together from a book by Robert D. Kysar, noted scholar on the Gospel of John.

Class begins March 5th, until May 21st for 11 weeks, on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Registration deadline is February 22nd, so we can order participant books.
(Those who come without registering will be welcomed but have to get their own books through Amazon.)

The class fee is $15, payable to Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church, unless purchasing the book yourself.  Free babysitting provided!  (Please let us know upon sign-up.)
For more information and to sign up, please contact the church office at 410-721-2313 or