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What Beautiful Eyes You Have!

by Elizabeth McLean

Six months ago when conflicts and violence were on the rise in Europe because of the huge influx of Syrian refugees and other immigrants trying to escape war, Amnesty International conducted an experiment.  Building on the work of psychologist Arthur Aron, who discovered twenty years ago that four minutes of gazing into another person’s eyes […]

“Those Aren’t Your Sandals”

by Elizabeth McLean

When I went to seminary, I was thirty years old. I had spent my twenties working as a lawyer in Ohio, living in a house, acquiring furniture, dear friends and a cat. So when God called me to leave all of that to go back east for three more years of graduate school in order […]

“The Narrow Way”

by Elizabeth McLean

Confession time: during my summer vacation this year, which included two Sundays, I did not attend church.  I know some may be shocked that a pastor would skip church. Most pastors I know take the opportunity during their vacations to visit churches other than their own, to enjoy the experience of worshiping without leading, and […]

Giants of the Earth

by Elizabeth McLean

A couple of weeks ago I went with my son to see the new Stephen Spielberg movie, “The BFG,” which is based upon the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl about a big, friendly giant (BFG). The BFG kidnaps a small orphaned girl named Sophie for self-protective reasons; but instead of being afraid of him, […]